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Originally Posted by aj1500 View Post
Oh yeah forgot to mention, pedaling the 24 with the 150 cranks like to wore me out, right off the bat I could tell the longer strokes were making me sort of bounce when I applied more power to sprint. I'm looking forward to changing them to the 140's
The other day I decided to ride to work by mountain-bike. Now it happens very very rarely that I ride a bike and almost always ride uni. The first thing I noticed was that the cranks we so long. Even though you don't have the bouncing on a bike, I did believe I would get less tired with shorter cranks. Then again I have 21 gears as compensation and I do go a lot faster than on a uni. Another thing I noticed was that it was very scary to let go of the steer. Riding no hands on a bike felt very strange, even though I had no problem with it before learning to ride unicycle.

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