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Originally Posted by kunstrasen View Post
Looks you are considering a custom wheel. In this case my recommendation is that you should consider going for a 32h Hub. Then you can go into the whole world of Mtb rims. Much more choice and years of experiance in DH and FR. I think most of the offered Muni rims are still overkill in terms of width and specially in weight. For a good wheel you need a of course a good rim, however another major factor is a propper build of the wheel, eg. using butted spokes with propper tension.

For the tire: Personally I can recommend the Nobby Nic (with Apex). In our group we ride this tire in 2,8 and 3,0 (no real differecne when changing munis). Both sizes work really well. Good offroad grip and not sensitive to chamber. I ride the 2,8 version with a 30mm (inner width) Mtb rim.
Yes I will build the wheel, so can choose all components separately

32H is an option, I already had a look and yes this is a possibility but for DH, I'm not sure 32H is enought compared to 36

Rim width brings tyre volume which is interesting for unicycling but generally a large rim is not good for camber
CITY XTP 26", MUNI KH26" & KH29", ROAD Oracle 32" and KH36"
my goal : a 3 geared 29" to have only one uni for all kind of rides :-)

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