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Reading this thread (and watching a few of bungeejoe's videos of clipless muni) inspired me to try this. I think clipless could be more efficient, lighter, and cheaper (no wearing out expensive 510 shoes every 8-12 months).

So having ridden MTB clipless for years I thought I'd give clipless uni a shot today. I had no issue mounting or dismounting. I rode around the block and all was well so I took my now clipless-equipped 29er out on an easy trail with some sandy spots that can cause minor UPDs (good for testing). I was using the Shimano SH-51 cleats with lace-type shoes 'cause thats what I had and was used to on the bike.

The ride felt fine - not much difference from platforms for me - there was some float, but I'm used to that on the bike. I hit a patch of sand and UPD'd. I got one foot free but not the other. Due to the angle and my wid-ish t-bar I bruised my quadricep pretty badly on the leg that was clipped in still.

Despite being used to clipless on a bike, it seemed like the speed at which UPDs happen is currently faster than my heel-twist unclip instinct.

So I have a few thoughts for myself and anyone else interested in clipless that maybe havent ben mentioned yet:

- Try it first on a uni with no handlebar to avoid injury.

- It might be good to practice a bunch on a soft surface (duh). The sand I tried it in was soft. I also recommend getting very comfortable with it on a bike 1st

Any of you clipless riders have UPD-specific techniques for quick bail?
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