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Lightbulb 26x3.5 geared

Hi, I own a 26" geared huni-rex with a 3.5" (3.8" can't remember) tire... about a 42" virtual wheel with 125 cranks.
I'm still learning, so I'm not an expert and I've no knowlege about different unis.

I've added an handlebar and it seems bad at low speed: I need a strong hand on the seat to deliver enough torque... catching the handlebar far from the seat doesn't help balancing.
Handlebar at high speed... never reached high speed! I can't tell.

Hopping on a 26" geared... don't know. Never hopped. Tried two times but I'm not ready to learn hopping.

Going uphill... never done. Tried once from road to sidewalk and UPD. It seems I need stronger legs and better balance (or speed).

Going over small obstacles... it seems ok to me with my wheel, I just need more training (I wish anyone with a schlumpf 26" fat in high gear and a 36" ungeared could tell me the difference)

Next year I can tell you a better review for my uni. However it seems not so bad for me
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