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So I have seven days back on the Unicycle since I hurt my foot three months ago. I started on the 19” Athmos slowly and carefully using assisted mounts to start, my foot was still a bit sore. My free mounting was poor for a couple of days at about a 30% success rate, by day five it was about 98%. My peddling has become smoother and I am sitting with more of my weight on the seat. My hands are down and one is holding the seat most of the time. I was able to make it up a small incline in my yard, a first for me. I went to the old section of seldom used Hwy on day six. I was able to ride it’s length, about a half kilometre which is on a slight down grade, remount and peddle back up to the starting point.
Still on day six, I thought I would then try the 26” muni on the Hwy since the 19” was going so well. Several failed free mount attempts sent me home to the assisted launch site. My first few assisted mounted rides were utter failures resulting in immediate UPDs. I was able to finally ride at about attempt number four. It was very jerky and only a few yards before I bailed. It did eventually smooth out and I was back to where I left off in May after another half an hour of practice.

Today was day seven, again on the 26er. My free mount percentage on the 26” is down to about 30% from around 90%. It will come back quickly I expect. My riding is smoother and much straighter than ever. My arms are down low and one hand is usually holding the seat. I believe I am going faster as well. I think I am starting to use my hips to lean the uni into turns. I say this because I am not using my hands in the odd circular stirring motion very much now. I can make it up the little hill on the 26” too. The 19” has helped a lot, it’s weird going back and forth between the 19 & 26 though. Totally different feel.

All in all I am progressing. I thought that after a year I would be much further along than I am. I’ve been off with injuries and a long winter, which with other delays has added up to almost nine months of down time. My foot is almost 100% so the riding is just going to get better with more saddle time. Thank you folks for all the advice.
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