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Yes, the giraffe seems to be obviously under some sort of power other than the rider, but you can't see where it's coming from. Either a tiny motor or something in his backpack? No, there must be a motor somewhere on the uni. The hand control may take the place of Trevor Blackwell's software. This would make it much easier to build, and still require plenty of skill to ride (not that the Blackwell design doesn't also require plenty of skill to master).

I rode Trevor's electric uni as well. It's sort of like a Segway, but it mostly isn't. A Segway stands up on its own. This one, if it starts falling over, tries to correct by spinning the wheel wildly. It takes some practice just to hold the thing when you're not on it. I think once you learn the way it reacts, and get comfortable with the amount of power it puts out, riding it probably gets pretty easy. But it would definitely be tougher for non-unicyclists to learn to ride it.
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