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Originally Posted by plumsie
To reduce the cost?

The new hub and cranks is 40 cheaper than the old ones, a saving of about 30%. Could it just be a cost cutting measure? I'm sure the new Hub and cranks are strong but without some real scientific analysis we will never know for certain which is stronger.

It's a valid point, but these are the cranks Kris himself has to ride everyday, doing all that insane stuff you see on the videos. At certain points his life depends on his cranks not breaking. Reports of breaking the 07 set are very rare, infact I cant remeber hearing anyone claim to have broken them, compared to the relatively high number of failures of the 05/06 cranks (admitedly mostly with the earlier cranks made of thinner material).

Modelling these cranks numerically to find which is stronger really wouldn't be that hard, if I didn't have to get this damn project finished by the end of the week it would be an interesting exercise.

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