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$5,295.00. Right now they are collecting interest in an initial, small production run. Probably very small at that price. It's a little more than the original Segways, but IMHO a lot cooler looking. I hope the price will come down after they've done some larger production runs. This from their website:

"A limited, short production run, special edition Micro-cycle will be available for the first few lucky people to sign up. Expected delivery will be in the 2nd quarter of 2014 for a total price of $5,295.00. All RYNOs must be picked up at an authorized RYNO dealership where new owners will need to go through a brief training program prior to taking ownership. Initial dealerships will only be in the U.S. with a few locations on the east coast and a few locations on the west coast. All other bikes will ship after our high-volume production run, sometime in late 2014."

Who's going to be first to put up a refundable, $150 deposit for one of those?
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