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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
Sadly, when you look at it with that in mind, it seems all too obvious. The machine is a beauty, but even if it ran, there seems to be no balancing mechanism there; not even brakes? Even with brakes, to ride it like a wheely machine, you would apparently have to lean way forward for it to work.
It's also been pointed out elsewhere that the engine is rigidly mounted to a rigid frame, and yet there are springs and shock absorbers--going from the engine to the frame. Motorcycle collectors who saw it in person at that auction likely would have known right away that it was meant as a work of art, not to be mistaken for an actual historic vehicle.

And I wonder if "motorcycling bon vivant Todd Fell" as mentioned in the text might be one of the two men in the picture, someone many Daytona Bike Week attendees might have recognized.

But it is very pretty.
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