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Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
A second problem, especially with aluminium, is the effect of heat. Heat treatment of the same metal alloy can double its strength. Then it is all lost by welding.
I don't have a link but I read not two days ago on this forum that frames are treated after welding. Apparently frame manufacturers usually have big furnaces where they can bake a whole batch of frames in one go.

Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
Aluminium is very susceptible to fatigue because no matter how small a stress is applied to the material, repeating it enough times will cause fatigue crack to develop. The smaller the stress the more repeats it will take, but things have a definite design life that can be calculated very accurately for well defined forces.
That is comforting news. Planes made of aluminium, right?

Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
However I do think you should just get a cheapie to start with and see if you actually like riding. You can always lend the cheapie to your friends instead of risking "the Rolls".
Sounds like a solid plan, and a good way to get people to "join the club". I really think I'm going to get the cheaper Nimbus II.

Originally Posted by lightbulbjim View Post
[32 mm bearings are] non-standard though, which is annoying if you want to be able to mix and match parts among your fleet or keep a common set of spares.
Yeah that is pretty annoying. I was expecting these bearings to be an off-the-shelf product. After all, making decent ball bearings requires a lot of expertise and very expensive facilities. Most manufacturers buy bearings from a third party e.g. SFK, NSK, etc. I've bought bearings for my trials bike before off, just done a search and was able to find 42x22x12 (the 'standard' unicycle hub bearing), but indeed could not find any 32x22x12 ones. Do the bearings on a trials uni degrade that quickly?

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