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Originally Posted by Piece Maker View Post
a few people have had problems with them (Such as the valve blowing out or all sorts of other scary things)
I've discovered that there are actually at least two different types of Foss tube. My 36er came with one in it which is has mostly a translucent greenish tint and a dull, slightly textured surface. Then on the side which faces the hub there's a strip about 20mm wide (basically the section which would be in contact with the rim strip) where the material is much thinner, glossy, and more transparent.

I went to top off the pressure a couple of weeks ago and the action of pressing the pump head onto the valve caused the tube to tear about 5mm at the junction of the valve reinforcement and the thin material area. It didn't look like glue failure or anything - it was just a highly stressed area due to the abrupt change in thickness and the thin material tore. It was too close to the valve to repair.

I decided to give the Foss one more try before switching to a 29er tube, so I ordered another one from UDC. This one is completely different to my first one. It has a transparent blueish tint and is glossy all over. It is also the same thickness everywhere and feels much sturdier than the first one. I didn't weigh either of them; probably should have before I installed the new one...

My 36er is a Nightrider Pro which I bought new from UDC in July of this year. So it's possible that the first tube was old stock which had been sitting on the shelf for a while and Foss have since changed their design.
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