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Originally Posted by UniDreamerFR View Post
I also have a 29" tube under hand which is about the same weight as a FOSS 36" tube but I'm not sure I want to struggle with the tyre mounting and tube stretching, so I will probably keep it for the case my 29er needs it.
I have used the original heavy tube 29" tube and 26" foss tube in the 36. Swapping to a lighter tube can make a surprisingly big difference to the feel of a 36" unicycle. I can't tell much (if any) difference between a stretched 29 and the foss tube when riding.

Both are way lighter than the original 26" tube but both will lose air over time and require more frequent topping up. The 29" tube is cheaper and more readily available but a bit of a pain to set up, the foss on the other hand is super easy to use.

Patch the old heavy tube and stick it on a shelf, who knows it might work as a flotation device .
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