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Originally Posted by bouin-bouin View Post
Don't blame him Roger, he is very new at unicycling ;-)
Not exactly true, I had been riding unicycle all alone for 5 years before meeting other wheelers and registering forums
Unidreamer, I have spare original 36" tubes for you if you need, I don't use such trucks anymore
Thank you very much for this offer.
I guess I will end by ordering a Nightrider at cdk (that I well know ) or, and if I do that, I will also order a FOSS 36" tube for its light weight.
I also have a 29" tube under hand which is about the same weight as a FOSS 36" tube but I'm not sure I want to struggle with the tyre mounting and tube stretching, so I will probably keep it for the case my 29er needs it.

My original 36" tube seams fixable anyway, the day I want to sell my qu-ax 36er, I'll fix it then and put back the TA, but if I can't, your tube will be welcome indeed.

We do not have a in France but and are dealers and do have nimbus unicycles and parts. Worth checking with either of them or we can ship from the UK. We definitely only have the light tyre.


Thanks Roger, I do know very well, I nearly order every thing from them.
Romain is very cool, I'll ask him about what version of NR he has got in stock.
What makes me wonder is that the weight indicated on their website for nightrider tyre is 1.9kg which is more than the light new NR I guess.

If he can't sell me the lighter ones, I'll ask to funicycle guys or order at your shop.

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