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Originally Posted by UniDreamerFR View Post
Thank you all for your answers.

Another question about the nigthrider tyre:
is there an old and heavy Nightrider tyre and a recent one lighter, (I guess so) and if yes, what are the release date of the new one?
I ask this cause I'm not sure the french unicycle web shops have the last one, but if I know the release date I could ask more precisely before ordering it.
The change of tyre happened over 2 years ago, but we did not make a big announcement as there was stock of the older tyre still in stores. I would expect all tyres to be the newer lighter design now.

We have not been notified by QuAx if the carcass is the same as the Nightrider. The Nightrider has a high thread count to allow it to run at the higher pressures.

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