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Thank you all for your answers.

I just dismounted the tyre, and weighted all parts with my electronic balance (by weighting myself with and without parts).

The 2 PLY TA tyre weights about 2.1kg
The tube : Wheel TA 2.25-31 : 600gm (original 36" tube I guess)
Hub+rim+48 pokes : 2.1kg

Before dismounting the Tyre, when I inflated it and then listen to hear where was the leak it seamed to come from the valve, and when I was touching/bending it I could clearly hear the air leak getting stronger.
But once the tube retired from the tyre, pumped a bit and plunged under water, I couldn't see any bubble anywhere.
I just can see some of the tube matter above the boundaries of the valve disk plate detaching itself a bit, but not to the point that I see a hole in the tube.
I presume that the air only goes out when the PSI are above what I can put in the tube without any tyre.

Anyway, what do you guys think about the weight of the tyre, tube and more interestingly the wheel's weight (hub+spokes+rim) ?

I guess I can save a few hundreds of grams by buying a Nightrider tyre and a Foss 36er tube (being able to inflate the tyre to 65PSI without doubling the max recommended PSI would be a big + ), but I can't do anything about the 48 spokes and the rim itself.

So if it really makes the wheel more easy to accelerate and control, it definitely worths it and I could use this old Qu-Ax for a while before thinking about selling it and buying a nimbus or kh 36er, but if a new tyre and light tube doesn't change anything, it's not the same deal.

By the way, the space between the rim sides is about 27-28mm,the part of each side in contact with the tyre bead is about 5mm deep, the rim has a U form on the tube side, and a \_/ form on the spokes side (see the photo) I just hope it can keep the nightrider tyre beads tight at 65 PSI.

Since it is not a 4PLY TA but a 2PSI TA (the mystery is still here), I'm not sure I want to inflate this TA to the double of the max recommended PSI.

Another question about the nigthrider tyre:
is there an old and heavy Nightrider tyre and a recent one lighter, (I guess so) and if yes, what are the release date of the new one?
I ask this cause I'm not sure the french unicycle web shops have the last one, but if I know the release date I could ask more precisely before ordering it.

Today i took off the TA tire and installed a Nightrider Tire. I did compare weight by hand and weight appears to be quite similar. I may be imagining things but it appears to handle better than the TA tire at low pressure (32 PSI). Especially the yawing motions when turning at low speeds. Perhaps it has something to do with the way it deforms or with the thread pattern. I will test it at higher PSI to see if this improves handling.
Very interesting.
I can't wait to read what are your feelings with the High PSI

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