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**Back It Up begginers/intermediate** .

o.k .
this comp is for begginner/intermediate riders .
the aim is to set a trick and the first person to land it wins .
the person who landed the trick first sets the new trick .
you have a week to land it and then if not landed it is changed .

the trick can be flatland , street , trials , or anythjing someone around this level wants to learn !!!! .

Back it up:
Person 1 sets trick 1 (any beginner trick)
Person 2 does trick 1 and sets trick 2 (same video, different clip (or same clip))
Person 3 does trick 2 and sets trick 3
Person 4 does trick 3 and sets trick 4...

have fun , who starts ? .
-Clean Swabs

"The only way to becoming a great unicyclist is to get back up and do it again" - B.S.

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