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There might be someone close by, but if they are I don't know them. I guess the good/bad news is that Raleigh is only 1 hour away and there's a muni ride almost every single Saturday... weather permitting.

There's also a few trails that are a bit closer to your location:

San Lee (Sanford, NC) - I've never been there, but I've heard nothing but good about the place. It should be well within the range of the Raleigh group for a weekend ride. I hear it's fairly technical. About a 40 minute drive for you. Probably a nice place for the Raleigh group to meet you halfway.

Uwharrie Keyauwee/Wood Run/Supertree (Troy, NC) - I've been out there about 4 times. Keyauwee is a nice 7 or 8 mile loop perfect for people looking for climbing. Wood Run is a gravel double track, maybe 3 miles. I've never been on Supertree because I hear Keyauwee is the trail to ride and I don't have the energy to hit all three of those trails. It's more in range for Charlotte riders but I try to get out there often because I have in-laws that live within an hour's drive. Probably a 40 minute drive for you. Probably not the best place to start muni. The hills are a cumulative killer. Love the trail though.

Harris Lake (New Hill, NC) - A hair closer than Raleigh trails. Nothing technical.

And of course all the Raleigh trails; about 70 minutes away. Something for everyone, all distances, all variety of difficulty.

Chapel Hill has some nice trails, and again those are well in range for the Raleigh group.

Greensboro has trails but I don't know of any riders out that way, so I've never bothered. Too far to drive when there are so many other close and good trails to coose from.

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