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Originally Posted by lunicycle View Post
Murphy's law is that any exposed edge like the disc (doesn't even need to be sharp or sticking out too far, got the scars...) is going to end up making contact with your body during a crash.
I know what you mean - that's one of the main reasons I've not tried any sort of extended handle yet (well, that and I can't be arsed to build one!)

Originally Posted by me
That's odd - the performance of a rim brake should be independent of wheel size...
Originally Posted by lunicycle
Not really odd just my POV
That's why I said it was odd - not trying to argue, I just meant that in theory a rim brake shouldn't really be affected by wheel size, so it's interesting that practical experience says otherwise. I suppose it's because of the difference in gearing and the feel of the ride. I've got HS33s on my 26x3 and 29er, and they feel pretty similar, but then there's not very much difference in size. Like I said, my coker's got a very different brake setup, so I can't really compare it directly (it really needs a lever that pulls less cable).

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