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Originally Posted by Spinningwoman View Post
One of the books I've come across is Gregg Vivolo's 'crash course' which suggests starting from a curb mount. Unfortunately the step at the edge of our lawn is a particularly nasty concrete shelf that would be very unpleasant to fall back onto,
The day after I read about using an aerobics step as a curb start I came across a particularly nice one in a garage sale so I gave it a go. Highly recommend them. It not only provides a backstop, the low platform step makes getting onto the uni easier. Lightweight to move around too.

But I may just start experimenting with a free mount.
The best resouce for freemounting is Unimyra's video

The falling thing is interesting. It makes me realise how little I have fallen in my adult, female, non-athletic life!
In uni, I believe if you don't fall sometimes you aren't pushing your boundaries. Going faster is one of the boundaries I like to push, so consequently I have had a couple of unanticipated dismounts from my 29 at over 20 km/hr. I can't run out of that so it means getting close up and personal with the road after the first big step off. I wear lots of protection.

I highly recommend hip pads. I made my own by putting high density closed cell foam in calico coin bags. I have come down so hard that I am sure I would have broken my hip without them.
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