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I am New to the Mail list, my name is Jan and I'm from St. Paul, MN. My two
youngest kids have been into unicycling the last seven weeks. They attended a
five week class given by the Twin Cities Unicycling Club, joined, and are just
getting up to speed.

The club is great! Lots of skill levels, lots of age groups, and best of all
lots of helpful members.

Betsy, age 10, made a solo trip about half way accross the gym floor last week.

Davy, age 7, still needs someone to help him ballance.

We are hoping our 13 year old ,Valerie, will get interested soon.

My wife, Vicki, and I just supply long distance transportation at this time.

Just to start things off:

Has anyone ever heard of a wooden unicycle? If not, How about one where all
visible parts appear to be wood? There are a number of historical festivals, I
was wondering how unicycling would blend in?

Thanks for having the maillist, Jan
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