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Re: Pleased to meet you..., wooden unicycles

According to unifoss@CERF.NET:
* > wrote:
* >|> Has anyone ever heard of a wooden unicycle?
* >
* My third National Unicycle Meet was at Macalaster (sp?) College in St. Paul,
* MN (see my photo on the back of the Miyata book). At that convention,
* somebody brought an all-wood unicycle. It was built in antique style, but
* was not intended for riding. Ask people at TCUC if they know who owns it.
* Being a member of Twin City Unicycle Club, I know that none of the active
members have a wooden unicycle. Brett Schactly (sp) (the founder of TCUC) has
a wooden big wheel. It is in very good shape and looks nice. I saw it this
summer at Unicon VII when he came to the picnic after the marathon. I didn't
get to ride it so I'm not sure how it handles.


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