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Re: Pleased to meet you..., wooden unicycles

[color=blue]> wrote:[/color]
[color=blue]>|> Has anyone ever heard of a wooden unicycle?[/color]
Jack Halpern wrote:
[color=blue]>Bill Jenack, the "father of modern unicycling", has (had) wagon-wheel[/color]
[color=blue]>unicycles. We also made and rode a couple in Japan. They're real heavy and hard[/color]
[color=blue]>to maneuver, but I guess look pretty historical.[/color]

My third National Unicycle Meet was at Macalaster (sp?) College in St. Paul, MN
(see my photo on the back of the Miyata book). At that convention, somebody
brought an all-wood unicycle. It was built in antique style, but was not
intended for riding. Ask people at TCUC if they know who owns it.

Bill Jenack, Tom Miller, Bernard Crandall (see THE UNICYCLE BOOK) and others
have had wagon wheel unicycles. Bill Jenack's was a 46" wheel made by an Amish
wheelmaker in PA. The frame was made by Tom Miller as one of his first big wheel
frames, in the late 70's. It weighs about 50 pounds and rides great in a
straight line, but is difficult on turns due to the strong gyroscopic force and
inertia. I also would not like to ride it up (or down!) and big hills!

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation
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