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Originally Posted by bouin-bouin View Post
Reply by mail from Roger Davies Nimbus/Impact/UDC CEO :

Hi Didier,

Yes, we moved the tolerance back to where it should be. We are supplying them on the unicycles with 7mm


I installed 7mm spacers after reading your previous post. I guess I'll keep them on then.

I had my first ride with my new VCX 138 cranks on the 36'er yesterday, and like Moslki said they seems too be a tighter fit than my old Venture cranks. No creeking at all, when hopping or going off curbs. I've used 150 cranks on my 36'er since I started riding in 2010. I tried 125 cranks once, but didn't like them, because I felt I lost control and it was too hard up hill. The 138's were different - full control and a lot smoother than the 150's. I struggled a bit on my "benchmark hill", but I will keep them on for sure.
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