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I think people are forgeting a MAJOR part of trials here. Ups and gaps are not everything. A good trials rider can ride a rail. I bet there are plenty of people who can hop a good 90cm, but can't ride a rail very well at all. Big moves are not all trials is, presision and technicality are a huge part of it and those fall under rail riding (granted you have to have presision to hop 90cm or gap 6 feet).

EDIT: To what TrialsUni said. I totally agree about the respecting other other parts of unicycling.

DOUBLEEDIT: Shaun, I hate to say it, and your still an awesome rider, but you're a bit of a hippocrite. Lke TrialsUni said, your style of street (tech) is way too centered around flips. Sure, you can argue that tech street would pretty much be nothing without flips, but there are soo many other things that can be invented that are as tech or even more tech than flips. I couldn't go a week without doing ups in my riding (trials) and I'm sure that you couldn't go a week without doing flips in your riding. Do you know why that is? Because ups and flips are such a huge part of our different styles of riding. Accept that, and tolerate other styles of riding. Stop trying to push street so much.

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