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After the parade we hung out and juggled in our nice park. I can just do the basics with 3 balls and haven't committed yet to polishing up club juggling. But Jesse insisted on showing me how to take 3 balls being juggled by him, then let him take them from me etc... I don't know if there is a term for that, but I got a big kick out of it. I didn't think I'd be able to learn it quickly, but I learned it in about 5 minutes.

I'm probably not explaining the trick well. The idea is for one person to juggle the basic cascade, then the 2nd person catches the balls mid-juggle from the 1st person. I found it to be quite the head trip having the balls taken from me while I was juggling them! So it was quite a treat to learn how to take them from someone else.
That may be called "stealing" but don't quote me on it. You should practice passing. That's fun to do even with just balls and I teach people to pass who can only get three catches.
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