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Thanks Mikefule. Glad to hear you liked it. I've gone back to doing the (semi) static mount almost exclusively myself. I only do a rolling mount now and then for fun.

I do the static mount exactly like I did in this video:

One of the tips in the video is to stretch your ancle an get up on your toes when you kick off. This method works even better for me now, because after doing it for a long time I have built up strength in my ancle and calf.

The combination of pushing the wheel forward and go up on my toes has proven very effective for me. In the beginning my foot felt unstable and wobbly, but now it's like bringing a ladder along for the ride. On inclines I mount slightly down hill, and hop in the right direction.

I mount my 29'er pretty much the same way, but it is of course a lot easier.
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