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Originally Posted by UniDreamerFR View Post
That makes sens, cause if I am not flexing my arms during my jump I will just continue to push the unicycle in front while the wheel is supposed to stay still.
Following this video, there was a discussion about whether it's a rolling mount or not if the wheel stops ( You may also be interested in this discussion about mounting a 36":

Good point about the flexing of the arms. I think it is easier in the beginning when you bring the wheel to a full stop before you jump.

Originally Posted by UniDreamerFR View Post
but if you also do static jump mounts it helps to be somehow far away from the 36er to have moment without changing the positions of the crank from the start to the landing
I've seen several variations of static mounts, and your's is one that works good for a lot of people. I do it a bit different. I push the wheel a little bit forward, so that I can push down on my left foot (the one on the back pedal), and then I get up on my toes when I kick off on my right foot. You can watch it in this thread where it is also a discussion about mounting:

I met a guy in the spring whom I've been riding with this fall. He has learned everything by himself not watching any videos and not reading this forum, so he has developed an interesting and quite impressive mount. He puts the seat in place, the left foot on the pedal and both arms out to the side. Then he does a small hop on his right foot to get forward momentum before he jumps (still with both arms out). He calls it the "Take off" which I find very suitable.
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