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Here's a pic from my ride late today, in the Wombat State Forest (Victoria, Australia). Our house is just on one edge of the forest which works out great for regular muni/cross country adventures. The forest is pretty big all up, about 70 000ha I think, and contains lots of dirt tracks of all shapes and sizes, lots of hills too.

My favorite uni atm for forest rides is the 29" with 150mm cranks, not fast on flats but awesome in the hills. I don't especially like the Klaw tire in the wetter winter conditions in the forest atm, though I can only compare it to the feel of 3.0 tire on my 24" which I love to bits so have ordered a Rampage 2.35 and Mountain King 2.4 for the 29.

I don't know where the track in the pic ends up yet, it begins about an hour or so from home and I've only ridden a few km's down it, but I'm hoping it will end up part of a nice long forest loop. I met some (moto) trail bike riders on this stretch of track over the weekend - it was hard to tell if the look on their faces was amazement, pity or just 'man you are NUTS'

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