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Originally Posted by harper View Post
I'm always amused by the belief that playing video games gives someone abilities.
As mentioned above, it gives you abilities to play more video games. Unless those other games use a different controller...

Also, there is a market for pro-level video gamers, and they can make a lot more money than any "sport" unicyclists, as well as possibly any entertainer-unicyclists in history.
Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
Once you learn, it's difficult to forget how to ride a bike. Possibly also a unicycle.
Yes, unicycle skills stick. Several times I've encountered someone who hadn't been on a unicycle in many years (up to 20). Most were up and cruising within a minute!
Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo
I suspect video games are compromising the coordination and social skills of many of my students.
I suspect this could be true. And while playing the violin is not necessarily a major way to improve social skills, at least it usually involves your listeners being in the same room with you.
Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
On several occasions I've been asked by young boys if I can do a flip. I attribute that question to the effect video games have on the kids' sense of reality.
Not that I disagree with your theory, but that question predates (most) video games, at least going back to the Atari console games that they would demo at Sears.
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