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Once you learn, it's difficult to forget how to ride a bike. Possibly also a unicycle. I doubt the same is true for video games. Responding to something on the screen with arbitrary button presses...does not connect in other ways to the physical world. Unicyling, on the other hand, involves balance, which is grounded in the physical world. The motions used in video games are only transferable to other video games.

I find it amusing that the promotional video says "Real Riders. Real Tricks." Now we apply the bullshit test to that statement. Change "real" to "imaginary", then decide if it makes more sense that way.

Why am I such a hater? I teach beginning violin to 9-11 year olds. I suspect video games are compromising the coordination and social skills of many of my students. If they could only make a violin played entirely with the thumbs!
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