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Originally Posted by JimT View Post
I wounder how your modern technology like a pneumatic tire, modern saddle, gears, brakes, handlebar, adjustable crank length, and different gear packing methods will compare with Wally Watts 1973 trip across Canada.
As the owner of a 45" uni with a similar tire to what Wally rode, I would absolutely pick the smaller 36" tire WITH AIR IN IT every time. The 45" is great for parades and showing off. I rode it in several NYC 5-Boro Bike Tours in the 80s and 90s, but that was enough. One section of that ride, in Brooklyn, was on brick streets!

For a long tour, probably more important than the tire is the saddle. Not sure what Wally was using, but it would be pretty crude by today's standards. For his round-the-world ride (1976-78?) his seat looked like a loaf of bread (large and soft), and someone built him a spring-loaded seatpost somewhere along the way for him.

After that, having a brake surely will make a big difference for all those downhills in the Rockies and elsewhere.
Originally Posted by Dave Cox View Post
...I'm weighing myself down with silly things like a drone and a mirrorless camera, so perhaps it comes out even in the end - sounds like he didn't even have rain gear at the start, and he had to build his own unicycle.
I think he rode with nothing but a small backpack. Definitely no luggage on the uni!

Oh, and I just spotted that video clip of Wally in another thread. NO HANDLE! Even on the old Schwinns you could put the heel of your hand(s) on the front of the seat for a little support. Not on those foam blobs he had. That would be pretty bad.
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