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1 fast 1 furious: Riding across Canada 2019!

Hey! I'm not super active here anymore, but in case anyone is interested in following along, I'll be riding across Canada this summer, from May to August or so.

My route is going to be from west to east, to take advantage of the prevailing winds, and I'm bringing some film gear with me to document the journey. I'll be posting longer updates to my website at, and daily or so updates on instagram @unicycle_dave.

Right now I'm just in the last stages of prep, making a few more bags and pouches and double checking all my gear before taking everything apart to hop on the plane.

I'll be riding a schlumpf 36" with off-the shelf racks mounted, 125/110 dual hole cranks and a disc brake, and a KH T-bar handle. Normally I tour on a geared 29, but having the wider tire for bad road conditions and weather etc. seemed like a good idea.

If you're somewhere near the southern Canadian border and think you might be on my route (there are only so many ways to ride across this country) - feel free to drop me a line!
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