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Day 3

Ok, You have to understand, I am one of those who learned to ride unicycle when I was 10, then 6 months later I took it apart to customize it, and didn't put it back together for 30 years. It was, however, like riding a bike, and in less than 30 minutes I was riding again like I was 10. Sooooo, I have taught lots of other people and improved my skills, but I haven't had to "learn to ride a new thing" in over 40 years now (if you are doing the math, yes, I turned 50 this year) I was very curious if my brain would adapt quickly, slowly, or not at all???

All that to say, any improvement each day would make me happy. I have been PLEASANTLY surprised. Each day (though only 3) has shown marked improvement. Today I made it the full length of the rail (see pic from last post) without stopping, only holding on with one hand, and did it 5 times. (not necessarily consecutively)

My newest reflection and pondering is: Does practicing daily without missing days, or practicing with gaps help or hurt the process???
-part of me thinks daily muscle memory would be better
-another part of me thinks, like working out, gaps give muscles time to heal and remember.

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