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Originally Posted by gwymer View Post
Question: for your 1/2" birch build, what size screws did you use in the spoke holes to keep from splitting the plywood? Also, did you use a single or double walled rim? I even had a little trouble with splitting near the hand notches with the 3/4. Yes, I even predrilled. I used 1 1/4" sheetrock screws.
I used 1" sheet rock screws. I did drill pilot holes first. That wheel was built with a double wall (box section) rim. I don't remember off hand, but I think I used every third hole. The rim I used didn't have any offset for the spoke holes. I don't think I could have used a 1/2" sheet of wood if they had been offset. As it is I put the disc in the rim, and marked the holes, and the valve position. Then I removed the disc, and drilled the pilot holes down at each mark, but in the middle, so that the disc would be centered in the final build. I also cut out the space for the valve before I reassembled it, and screwed it together.

The first wheel I built was with a single wall rim. I had to use two rim strips on that one for fear of having a screw go into my tube.
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