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Day 2

Ok, We rode Muni this morning (7.5 miles) on a wet pretty technical trail, but since I still had good weather (finally) I had to get in some more practice on the Ultimate this afternoon. -about 45 minutes (then I was pretty worn and regressing)

Few things:
-Learned that if you can't keep it exactly straight, lean the top of the wheel towards the opposite side of the foot that is coming over the top of the revolution. Then you are coming up on the side it hits and so because it is lower on your leg, it doesn't grab you. (hope that makes sense?)
-Was able to do most of my practicing holding on with only one hand today.
-1st day my best was 3 revolutions in a row. Day 2, I set out to make it all the way down the rail (see pic) without stopping. Didn't make that--about 2/3rds of the way. Still much improved.

Overall, having taught many people to ride unicycle, I see now in myself about the same progress I hope for in those I teach. That is VERY EXCITING!!
I really think this is doable, and like unicycling, in 1-2 weeks (if I can get enough practicing in.)
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