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Update 1

Finally a slower day and better weather. So, I headed out to find a good fence or handrail--preferably with a smooth slightly downhill slope. Then time to tire myself out straining many muscles trying to find balance.

It was a pretty successful first day attempt. I was able to make up to 3 full revolutions while holding onto the hand rail. When teaching people to first ride the unicycle, anyone who can make full revolutions on their first day out, I am pretty satisfied.

With Christmas only days away and more rain in the forecast, not sure how much more practice I will get "this year". I will keep track of total number of days practice till I can "ride" it though. Gaps, I know, will slow the progress.

Here are 2 pics--one with me practicing just balancing on it and the other was taken while moving "forward"--I use that term loosely!

(After 20 minutes of saving and spinning and re-saving--NO CLUE why they are coming through sideways???)
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