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Ultimate Wheel Build

So, every year at STOMP Munifest I mess around in a open field with one of the ultimate wheels someone has brought along. Then after STOMP I rush to because I have to have one. Then I see the price, and another year goes by. I just can't pay that much for something I am not even sure I can ride or if it will be something I use or just look at in a closet.

So, this year, I start wondering about making one. Thanks to UNIGEEZER, there are options out there. So, I grab an old 26 aluminum mountain rim and start cutting spokes. I get a pair of old cranks and cut them down and find some really strong large fender washers, and with the help of some sharpies, I even make the cheaper plywood I got look pretty good.

I thought I would share my saga, for several reasons. First, others might want to see if $30 is a way they want to try themselves with an ultimate wheel before investing in a light professionally made one. Second, and most importantly, it will help to keep me focused on learning and adapting as I continue this adventure.

Stay tuned....more to come.....
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