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Assembling ideas

I need help about choosing what to assemble using various parts... it will be a frewheel, but what size?

I already own a cheap 20", a 29" disc Muni (just moved to 150 cranks from 125), a road Huni-rex (like a 29" always in high gear and with 125 cranks).

Now the parts I could mix:
- A cheap 20" with a 25,4 seatpost (could reuse any part)
- A 26" freewheel wheel
- Nimbus Dbrake
- Steel cheap modded seat
- 27,2 standard seatpost
- 27,2 completely flat saddle with handlebar
I tried to learn freewheeling on a 29", but it was difficult and hurting.

Does it makes sense if I build a 20" freewheel, and a 26" standard wheel mounted in a 36" frame Or should I use a 26"'wheel in a 36" frame (and learn FW on it?)?
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