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Originally Posted by Piece Maker View Post
Yeah about 20 pints left, it's not the best brew though. It was an experiment with a shedload of half-rotten bananas, so while it smells like bananabread it tastes like slightly sweetened bitter! If you're racing on Sunday let me know and I'll bring a couple I'll warn you that it's about 8% though so if you're riding home maybe give it a miss.
I'm always up for trying things, but are you not riding there as well?
If you've not seen my post on FB, I will be there but unlikely to be in a racing/riding state. Pretty bummed out about the whole thing but I'm not going to miss the event!

Yep the keyboard is a Compax MX11800 - I got it from an old shutting-down server farm of some kind, it came with the rack drawer and a couple of decades worth of crud under the keys. It was my intro to the marvelous world of mechanical keyboards and I love it! There's no Superkey but thankfully some of us aren't limited to the shite Microsoft put out so that's easy enough to work around (Who needs a Caps lock anyway)
Sounds exactly the same as mine, although I was lucky that they came out of the cabinets basically as new - nobody wanted to stay in the server rooms long enough to be able to get them dirty, and food was of course forbidden.
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