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hey guys

I tried to respond to Mikefule's post earlier, but somehow didn't get posted? I thought the moderators have to look into it being my first, as a newbie...

anyway, thanks for the welcome. I've always dreamt of being on a unicycle eversince I saw a guy on a muni in Long Island, NY, while I was mountainbiking. A bike shop I frequented back then had one laying around, and asked the owner if I can try it, but to no avail...couldn't get on it or ride it, if my life depended on it. I couldn't fathom how the guy was riding it, or any unicyclist for that I just decided to let the dream go...

fast forward 10-12 years later, during our staycation in April this year, I woke up one morning and told my GF I want to learn to unicycle, and hopefully go off-road with it, like I do with my custom beach cruisers mountain fixies. she thought I was nuts riding my fixies off-road, but thought I was nuttier for wanting to unicycle and thought I'll never be able to do it! bought a $35 uni on CL and held on to dear life, learning between poles in the basement.

learning from youtube videos (many coming from this forum), as well as related threads and posts in here, and much to her surprise, I learned how to unicycle. happy to say, I am now a municyclist, able to ride my regular trails here in NJ, though not without UPD's ...mostly on rocky and rooty sections of the climbs, since my hopping is still sub-par. going downhill gets better everytime.

as for future riding, just hoping to learn from you guys, as well as share my experience with this wonderful hobby/sport... and avoid further injuries...I've come to accept the fact that this sport is without no risk, so be it...
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