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Originally Posted by Mikefule View Post
Welcome, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Looks like you're in New Jersey, but what else can you tell us? What unicycle(s) do you own? What sort of riding do you do, and what are your hopes for your future riding?
hi Mikefule

thanks for the welcome..

well, been wanting to learn to unicycle for years...I once saw a guy on a muni in a trail in Long Island, NY while mountain biking, and have since then always been curious and wanted to somehow learn to unicycle. a bike shop in Brooklyn had a unicycle laying around and I tried it to no avail...couldn't even get on it for my dear life, lol. decided to let go of the curiosity and the dream...

fast forward 10-12 years later, this past April during our staycation, told my GF that I think I wanna learn to uni, and eventually take it off-road, like I do my beach cruiser fixie mountain bikes, and she thought I'm nuts...bought a unicycle on CL for $35 and held on to my dear life while learning in the basement between two poles. she never thought I'd progress this far...

I've been riding my local trails, full loop, however, not without UPD's...most UPD's pretty much occur on tough technical climbs, rocky and/or rooty. going downhill, at times, gets a bit sketchy, especially with drops, rocks and roots, but getting better everytime I ride...

I pretty much just want to get better, especially on hopping, so I can hop these pesky rocks and roots I've also learned to accept the fact that off-road muni is not without risks, and so, hoping for less and less injuries with time
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