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Originally Posted by Mikefule View Post
Although, as you will see upthread, they also made "fixed" versions which did have to cope with torque in both directions. Point is not that the production model would be suitable for a unicycle, but that the concept is theoretically possible.
I'm sure we're on the same page, Mike. I know that S-A made fixed 3-speed and a fixed 2-speed hubs. I don't know if they were used widely or if they were successful or mechanically reliable. The freewheeling S-A bicycle hubs were wildly successful and popular. I do know that the backlash exhibited by multi-speed, fixed-gear epicyclic hubs is unacceptable for use on a unicycle whereas it would not even be an inconvenience on a bicycle. I will concede that reduced gear epicyclic hubs for unicycles are theoretically possible but I also know what the engineering gymnastics are that are required to realize it.
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