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Originally Posted by Vogelfrei80 View Post
I tought about using it on my huni-rex: low gear about 31" virtual; direct drive 42"' virtual; high gear 56". But I cannot find a way to use sprocket on the left side of the hub. Left side hub spins geared while the sprocket on the right goes direct. Do you know if ever existed a geared fixed hub useful for a double chain giraffe or a huni-rex?
I think a small number of close ratio fixed 3 speed hubs were made, probably back in the 1950s or thereabouts. At one time they had quote an extensive range. I remember when the derailleur "5 speed" was an exciting new idea. Before that, the choice was single speed or Sturmey Archer - at least for ordinary people wanting bikes for normal use.

However, Wikipedia shows that they reintroduced a 3 speed fixed hub in 2009:

<<Three-speed fixed gear hub[edit]
In 2009 Sunrace Sturmey-Archer re-introduced a three-speed fixed gear hub, the S3X.[11] This gives ratios of 100/75/62.5 (i.e. the top gear is direct drive and the others are geared down from it) and the internals are based on the newest five-speed freewheel hub (in the same way as the original fixed ASC was based on the contemporary FC four-speed hub).>>

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