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Before you cut it - last option, but it would work - I would try one last thing. It always works on 40yrs+ rusty bits on my old VW cars...

Heat up the crank at the connection on the hub, pretty hot. Then put away the flame and spray the crank/hub with penetrating oil (or WD40 if you don't have anything else, but it's better to use something meant for seized metal). It will produce a lot of stincky white smoke (don't inhale!) and possibly some flames which you can just blow off. As it's still hot, tap it a bit with a hammer to induce some movement. The heating is not about having one part dilates more than the other (practically impossible since they're in contact), but the thermal shock from the spray will break the rust "glue". Then try the crank remover. It might take several attempts, but I've always had success with this method... on seized brake drums and other rusty parts.
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