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A few things come to mine. You said you heated the axle/arm junction. Heat may help but you should only heat the thinner out side of the crank arm. The idea is that you heat the crank arm as much as possible while the axle remains as cold as possible. The temperature will make the crank arm larger and possibly loosen the crank arm.

If you use heat or not it would help to rig up some solid support for the crank as close to the axle as possible. With a solid support the hammering would be much more effective. Lacking some solid support an other idea would be to add weight to the crank arm near the axle as possible. If you have to cut them off, welding a weight to the arm to make the hammering more effective may be easier.

If you have to cut it off you should be able to turn your cutter 90. Then just grind away just to the spline. You may get by with grinding to one side or may need to grind two sides opposite of each.

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