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Need help removing rusted-on Profile crank

I need some suggestions/help in removing a rusted-on Profile crank arm. I have the crank arm removal tool and I have been beating on the thing with a hand-held sledge hammer and it will not budge.

In conjunction with the regular hammerings, I have tried the following:

1) soak in liquid penetrant
2) soak in PB blaster
3) soak in white vinegar (I am told it removes rust)
4) Propane torch to heat the axle/arm junction
5) Tried an automotive puller tool, but could not get a good grip

I am thinking of cutting the crank arm off with a Dremel tool and a carbide wheel. I have done a test on a busted Profile crank arm, and the results look good. But I am unsure on how to proceed on where to cut. I think I may have to cut the bearing off first in order to get adequate room to cut the arm all along the vertical axis. Please see pics. (The pics make the rust look worse than it really is).

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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