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I don't like unicycling, I love it.
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Good story Jimmy. I imagine that high fiving a policeman is typical aussie behavior. :-)

UniMyra was out for some downhill muni, and on his way down he had to pass a restaurant that was packed with people outside in the beautiful weather. UniMyra decided to ride very close to the restaurant with his new Nimbus Hatchet and impress all the people with his riding skills. Just when he passed the resturant he lost control over the very bouncy Surly Nate tyre, quickly picked up speed, and suddenly found himself on a wild rodeo ride down a rock next to the restaurant. UniMyra was thrown off the front and landed for some reason on a completely stiff right leg. Since he could not flex his leg, he picked up even more speed before making a faceplant in the gravel. All teeth were still there, but the face was all bloody. As UniMyra lied in the gravel he knew he had to turn around and walk back up towards the restaurant with blood all over to pick up the uni. He was pretty quick about it, and barely noticed the horrified faces. Here comes the funny part: A man in his fifties with a big unicycle and a bloody face had to spend an hour on the subway and a bus in the rush hour to get home.
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