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Your Funny, Unusual, Intersting Uni Stories Thread ..

Hey all... able to share any funny, unusual, interesting Uni stories ...???..
Am thinking there must be plenty of very cool Uni stories out there ....
Let GideupJimmy get this thread started....

So, when travelling overseas or interstate, one of my things is to take my Uni with me..... have done this in many cities and's just what Jimmy does...(started taking the 29" and now take the 36") approx 12 Months ago when visiting San Francisco, Jimmy traveled from the SF Pier area over to Sausalito with a group of 6 x Bike cyclists (tourist mode) ... yes jimmy was the only Uni rider ... anyhow half way across the Golden Gate Bridge, a policeman/Officer on a bike heading toward me held out his hand as a signal asking me to stop...Jimmy knew he wanted me to stop... however Jimmy deliberately chose to continue riding ahead holding out my hand to Hi five the policeman instead, and simply kept on peddling ahead... After a couple of hundred metres further, the policeman was on my tail with his siren and flashing blue light bellowing away behind me ... so of course Jimmy eventually came to a halt.... after pulling Jimmy up, the policeman politely asked why I neglected to stop when asked (I explained that I thought he just wanted to Hi 5) he politely advised that Uni riding is not permitted on the bridge.. Jimmy of course explained that he was not aware of this (I really wasn't) and that there was no sign advising that unicycles were not allowed... the officer explained that the Uni riding is too distracting to other pedestrians and cyclists and this may cause confusion leading to accidents this stage I was approx 80% across the bridge so diplomatically agreed to walk it the remaining section of near end of bridge Jimmy hopped back on and we eventually reached the beautiful Sausalito... the original plan was for our riding group to ferry it back to SF, however we all agreed to ride back to San Fran instead... (a total of +20 miles) on the way back Jimmy took the risk to ride the bridge with his buddies riding ahead to provide warning as required and made it across without being pulled up ... all in all, the end to end return ride was a very cool experience and one that I would recommend you do given the chance ... Hi Fiving the officer patrol was hilarious not to mention the police siren and flashing blue light pulling Jimmy up.... never mind the Uni factor, but the theatrics of everything provided a fantastic experience and story to Jimmy and his riding party that we shared together and will always remember....

So ...perhaps you have a Uni story of your own to tell ??????? Jimmy
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