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In time you'll want disc brakes, and you are getting a new muni, so I'd suggest getting a hub mounted rotor, so either a KH/Nimbus with an Oracle hub or a complete Oracle muni. I'm not trying to knock the crank mounted rotors, but they have some issues that really can't be resolved. Sure, they are an easy retrofit, which is really why they are so cool, but there's a reason bikes have them mounted on the hub...

And yeah, you didn't ask, but you should really consider getting a 29er. You can hop a 29er, but you will likely find that the big wheel negates the need to hop, plus they are way faster. There are lot of folks who ride muni on a 29er, tech stuff that is rooty, rocky, and steep. Think of a 26" as a transitional size between the 24 and 29.

In terms of frames, the difference between aluminum and steel is minimal, weight is very close, stiffeness is similar, price is higher on aluminum. I've had aluminum in all sizes, currently only have aluminum on my 29er, otherwise all my frames are now steel. Steel is real

If I was getting a new muni, I'd get an Oracle or have a custom Drak built with the Oracle hub. The Oracle is a nice rig, but it still uses the D Brake and it has a narrow 42mm rim, also you'll want to upgrade the seat and post, so in the end you are building a custom Oracle. The Drak is a really solid frame, similar in design to the Oracle but made of steel, it comes with magura mounts in case you want rim brakes, you will still use the D Brake adaptor, the best part is that when you do the custom build on the Drank you will get to pick your own brake and you can get a wider rim.
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