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I ended up with a nimbus 26 (non-Oracle) and a KH29. Likely both are heavier than your sem cycle, but either the nimbus or KH will take an absolute beating.

I've noticed that despite being the larger uni my KH is much lighter than my nimbus, a lot of that is in the tire/rotational weight which is the most important place for weight savings. You can ride with the same tire/tube in any frame so that leaves the rim. I don't really know how much weight savings is to be found between the nimbus rim and the drilled KH rims. That and you can always swap out wheel sets. Anyway, the lower rotation weight on my 29er makes it more ideal for climbing and helps over distance.

I suppose the frame weight factors in when hopping, but again I'm finding that the tire is more of a contributing factor than the frame. Despite being heavier, I feel more comfortable with hops on my nimbus due to the voluminous tire.

I don't know a thing about the oracle. I'd be interested in hearing some reviews. The little I do know/remember is that the frame is aluminum (matching the KH frame material) as opposed to the steel frame I have, so it's lighter in that department. Don't know about the rim. Of course the main draw is the disc break on the oracle.

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